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자유롭고 유쾌하게, 자신만의 언어 (GLYPH) 를 표현하는 작지만 대담한 움직임 — Decode your beauty with GLYF


From the coveted Victoria's Secret runway to embracing the joys of motherhood, Elsa personifies the modern woman's boundless spirit. With an innate sense of on-the-go beauty, she curates her world with a refined yet practical touch, that fits within anyone’s busy lifestyle.

Lip Contour Wand
A creamy, blendable formula for defining fuller-looking lips with a natural finish
Cushion Blush
A whipped, mousse-like formula with buildable color and a soft pearlescent shimmer
Peelable Nail Polish
A revolutionary non-toxic, water-based nail polish with easy, fun removal

Avrey is a renowned Youtuber and social personality that seamlessly blends raw authenticity with transparent storytelling, inviting us into her journey with open arms. Her creative prowess transcends conventional norms, creating a tapestry of genuine connection and artistic exploration.

Diamond Cherry Balmshell
A hydrating lip balm with a buildable, sheer tint and shimmery finish

An accomplished model, esteemed TikToker, and devoted mother, Abbie's passion is etched in innovative beauty and body empowerment. Her creation of Pavot is a love letter to her profound evolution of self-love and unshakable confidence that she hopes will inspire others.

Calming Clouds
Ingrown hair & razor burn treatment pads with AHA + BHA
Body Water
A fast-absorbing, lightweight, ultra hydrating body serum

Through an unfiltered lens, Rudi redefines the influencer landscape, inviting us into her world with a refreshingly real approach to content. Rudi has become a beacon in the world of social media by fostering genuine relationships with her community and embracing the raw beauty of life.

Berry Freckled Pen
The easiest, most natural-looking faux freckles ever

Shanina is a well-known Victoria's Secret model, nurturing mother, and visionary founder of Sala, who redefines the idea of a model-off-duty. With a nod to the iconic 90s era, she curates beauty that seamlessly transitions from the runway to everyday life.

Nostalgic Nineties Mascara
Creates high-volume, photogenic lashes in a flash.

A dancer and a beauty content creator, Gabby shares her sensitive skin journey, with a mission to offer guidance on the best sensitive skin-friendly products.