Love, pamper, and embrace the body you’re in.

Body Water

A fast-absorbing, lightweight, ultra hydrating body serum


Calming Clouds

Ingrown hair & razor burn treatment pads with AHA + BHA


Join our community in helping us build this beauty journey that grows wild & free with you.

"I've been on a journey of self-love for years. Overtime, my life, my body and my needs have changed. Finding that time to take care of yourself if critical. With pavot, I want to encourage you to grow free and feel beautiful, you are uniquely you just like wild poppies in nature."

– Abbie Herbert, Founder

A big shout-out to our Pavot Buds community for making our beautiful products possible

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🗳 Is thicker/sturdier pad fabric more important or a textured surface pad to help with exfoliating? *both are biodegradable
Published in Pavot
🆘 Need to make a decision by tonight!! Do you want the plastic tweezer in the Ingrown Hair Pad component? *there is a holder in the cap
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