🗳 Is thicker/sturdier pad fabric more important or a textured surface pad to help with exfoliating? *both are biodegradable

I use a textured pad for exfoliating my body and I use a small textured pad to remove face masks from my face and it makes a huge difference and they make my skin so soft for a lot longer.
Sometimes a thicker/studier pad is hard to use on the face and get the small areas.
Love both but texture is nice for exfoliation!!
Esthetician here! Textured side is best when wanting to achieve an exfoliating benefit :)
I think the texture will give more of exfoliating feel
I feel like the texture gets deeper into the skin. (I may be wrong lol)
Definitely texture!! I feel like it helps actually remove all the bad stuff 😇
More texture somehow seems to make less residue of the pad left on the face.
Both? I like the texture but the thickness makes it more durable
I prefer texture I feel like it is doing a better job if I can feel it! Hope this helps ♥️