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As a Beaubble Pass member, you will receive $70 in credit every year to spend towards any Beaubble purchase. Members also have the unique ability to buy any product at anytime regardless of the drop status. Exclusive discounts and content will regularly be available with more exciting benefits to be revealed soon.
Members will be charged $55 annually. The annual payment will cover benefits for the entire year and there are no other associated fees or costs.
The $70 yearly credit is distributed quarterly throughout the year. The first credit of $25 is received immediately after signing up for the membership. The remaining $45 credit is split among the other three quarters in increments of $15. Every anniversary, you will start all over again at $25 credit.
Each quarterly credit expires in 3 months as the next quarterly credit is issued. You will receive a notification and email before it expires and can always check the date in your membership dashboard.
You can disable the auto-renewal of your membership subscription at anytime from your membership dashboard. You will still receive all credits and benefits for the remainder of the current cycle.
If you did not make use of any credits or monetary benefits within the first month of your membership, you are entitled for a full refund. In all other cases, Beaubble does not provide any refunds for membership.
After writing a review, members will automatically receive 10% of the product price back in the form of BB Bucks (limit once per product) by end of each week (Sunday). BB Bucks can be spent alongside your membership credit for maximum savings.