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"This model is beneficial, in terms of sustainability, but also product freshness and potency."
"Beaubble is very up to speed in the beauty world in creating innovative formulas and following trends in beauty, so it’s been exciting testing the creations."
"The company's mission is to bring about truly inclusive, community-driven beauty, democratize the product development process."
"It's such a personal connection with our community and I think that I want to really maintain that as much as we can as we continue to grow."
"Curated drops to serve a specific purpose: sustainability."
"Beaubble wants to eliminate waste from beauty influencer brands — and give influencers greater revenue share in the process."
"I Tried Peel-Off Nail Polish — & It’s So Much Fun To Wear"
"Elsa Hosk’s love of matcha lattes was the inspiration behind one of the colors in the limited-edition nail-polish sets she curated for Beaubble."
"It’s the jar to have on your summer beauty shelf all seven days of the week."