Berry Freckled Pen

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The easiest, most natural-looking faux freckles ever.1 g / 0.03 oz


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From the creatorI was always searching for that effortless, natural-looking freckle pen… so I created it! It’s the perfect finishing touch to sweeten up every look.
Rudi Berry
  • Revolutionary ball-shaped applicator for easily creating the most realistic-looking faux freckles
  • Features a custom-blended brown ink that’s not too red or orange to best mimic how freckles naturally appear on all skin tones
  • The water-based formula lightly stains and locks your freckled look in place all day long
  • Works beautifully on bare skin and atop makeup without flaking or smudging
  • Mess-and spill-free with our marker type packaging
Natural Finish

Why Beaubble loves it

Revolutionary spherical applicator

An easy-to-use applicator with a gentle, flexible felt tip for allowing anyone to effortlessly create freckles — just dot and tap!

Buildable intensity

A water-based formula that allows you to vary the intensity of faux freckles by tapping out the pigment. It dries quickly enough but not immediately, ensuring smudge-free application.

Most natural-looking pigment on the market

Strikes the ideal balance between warmth and neutrality, avoiding any hints of overpowering redness or excessive orange undertones.

DIY beauty marks

Draw on an entirely new beauty mark or enhance your existing beauty mark with our innovative applicator.

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