Ingrown hair, razor burns?? Come chat with me!

I have never seen any products that address specifically razor burn and ingrown hair. It's something that makes me super self conscious, so can't wait to try pavot!
Christina Brown
I have not found anything that helps with the redness and irritation of my skin after shaving. I feel like I’ve tried almost all the β€œtricks” and nothing help. I even have scarring. Sometimes it is quite embarrassing for me
I hat when I’m shaving because I end up cutting myself in the process.
Especially in winter
Shaving has been awful for me. Never will I have anything smooth as I would like it. I really only struggle in my bikini area and have to wax in order to not suffer from severe razor burn and/or ingrown hairs. I have also tried laser but it is too expensive to invest in it right now
My skin is sensitive, I need razors with a lot of soap attached to it. My underarms burn like crazy
I have sensitive skin, so it's hard to find the right product....
The only thing that has helped me is laser hair removal but since having a baby it has all come back and I don’t want to do laser all over again! 😭
This would be amazing! I’ve tried alot of different things and the only thing that has seemed to make a difference is 100% coconut oil.
I have really sensitive skin so I try waxing my legs which helps with the razor bumps and keeps the hair away longer but its so much time and effort. With the cold weather sometimes my legs get very cold and break out into a rash, especially after shaving. I try to rinse with cold water after shaving and the moisturize, helps most of the time