Welcome my Pavot Buds 🌱 (+ guide on how to test the lab samples!)

Hi lovely people!

Remember when I asked our community to sign up to test out the lab samples with me? (btw, thank you to everyone who signed up 🥺)

Our team has selected 12 beautiful product testers with all different skin concerns, skin types, and skin conditions to test out our lab samples for our first TWO products: 🥁🥁 Body Serum and an Ingrown Hair / Razor Burn Solution Pad!!

Welcoming our inaugural Pavot Buds group: Mia Lynn, Lilliana, Megan, Daphne, Bailey, Caite, Olivia, Allyson, Kayla, Allie, Jillian, and Whitney 💛

p.s. we are going to be doing this every time we have a new launch, so there are going to be plenty of chances for our community members to join later down the line!