Calling all moms, dads, teens and humans! Come join my team of product testers!

I would love to be a tester the next time
Heeyaa! I would love to test your products i'm from Southeast Asia with oily and acne-prone skin.
HEY! Even though I'm only 14 my parents bought me some of your products for my birthday and the razor burn product is by far my favorite I have super sensitive skin and I was honestly surprised to have something that actually worked and made my skin feel good while applying it this was an actual life savor thank you!♥️♥️
Would love to test the product for South East Asia! Having be in a different climate and environment, I would love to test out Pavot’s product for Asian skin!
I’d love to test for you!
I can be a tester too!
Please open this back up! I’d love to test your products.
Hi I was wondering if you are still looking for product tester.
Hi! I’m from Italy, I’m so so interested in your project. Is there any possibility to work with you?