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A revitalizing overnight oil laced with 50% Vitamin E + 10% Squalane + 0.05% Retinol30mL / 1.05 oz


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From the creatorEven those who haven't had success with retinol before will swear by this low dosage for stronger, brighter, hydrated skin ASAP.
Teni Panosian
  • Carefully micro-dosed for safe, effective daily use among all skin types
  • Infused with 0.05% pure Retinol for gentle-yet-potent skin revitalization complete with firming, smoothing, and brightening benefits
  • Enriched with 50% antioxidant-rich Vitamin E for to reduce hyperpigmentation, promote scar healing, and prevent potential irritation
  • Rapid absorption and intense moisture via 10% Squalane
  • Specially formulated to be non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin
  • A non-greasy texture reminiscent of honey
  • Housed in an airtight container to maintain the effectiveness of its active ingredients
Vitamin E

Why Beaubble loves it

Micro-dosed retinol

An effective elixir for revitalizing skin with a gentle 0.05% retinol formulation suitable for daily use.

Airtight container

Vitamin A (aka retinol) and vitamin E can degrade when exposed to air, leading to reduced efficacy. To ensure prolonged effectiveness, it is stored in an airtight container that prevents oxidation.

Lavish Formula

A luxurious Manuka honey-like texture that won’t leave skin oily or sticky.