Ritual No1

4.8(94 Reviews)
A makeup removing, lightweight antioxidant cleansing oil120 mL / 4 fl. oz.


Product highlights
From the creatorI actually look forward to cleansing my face now because of Ritual No1. This lightweight oil is my little spa treatment every night.
Teni Panosian
  • Designed to nourish and hydrate skin while removing impurities including sunscreen and long-wear makeup (no need to tug your sensitive eye area)
  • Emulsifies beautifully under lukewarm water without leaving any oily residue
  • Recommended to use with Ritual No2 gentle cleanser as a cleansing duo for clean, comfortable, and softer skin (get $6 off when you claim the duo!)
  • Hydrating + Non-stripping
  • Ideal for all skin types (including oily & combination skin)
  • Free of: Alcohol, Essential Oil, Derivative of Coconut, Dye, Fragrance, Gluten, Paraben, PEG, Phthalate, Silicone, Soy, and Sulfate
Essential Oil-Free

Why Beaubble loves it

Makeup, be gone

Gently removes every trace of dirt, makeup, and sunscreen.

Light as a feather

High-quality ingredients formulated into one ultra lightweight oil.

Effortlessly clean

Emulsifies and rinses off with no oily trace left behind.

Oily and dry alike

Any skin type can use a good cleansing oil. Whether you’re dry, oily, or sensitive, Ritual No1 is formulated for all skin in types.