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Calming Clouds

ingrown hair & razor burn treatment pads with AHA + BHA

60 biodegradable sheets / 150 mL — 5.07 fl. oz.

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Product summary

Product Highlights
  • Single-use, biodegradable pads that help prevent ingrown hair, uneven texture, bumps, and razor burn
  • Made for sensitive skin: gentle to use in the bikini area, face, neck, legs, and underarms
  • Formulated with Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Betaine Salicylate (BHA) to gently exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Korean skincare ingredients Camellia Extract and three different  Rice Ferment Extracts deeply hydrate and soothe redness and irritation that comes with hair removal
  • Niacinamide and Tocopherol brighten the skin tone and darkness
Essential oil-free
Non toxic
Suitable for sensitive skin

Your new shaving ritual

Powerful AHA + BHA blend

Formulated with Glycolic Acid (AHA) + Betaine Salicylate (BHA *gentler form of Salicylic Acid) to exfoliate dead skin cells that trap hairs

Non-abrasive daily treatment

Effective yet gentle enough to use daily in the most sensitive areas such as your bikini line and underarms

Biodegradable pads

Made from 100% Cellulose, our earth-loving pads have passed the biodegradability test

A magic eraser

  • Before & after

    Our model suffered with ingrown hair and razor bumps for over a decade and this is her skin healing just after 14 days of using the Calming Clouds. The darkness and scarring will start to brighten with a prolonged period of usage.

  • Order of use

    (1) Shave or wax→ (2) Pat dry with a clean towel → (3) Gently swipe Calming Clouds in areas of hair removal → (4) Wait few seconds until the formula is fully absorbed → (5) Apply Body Water to keep the area hydrated // On non-hair removal days, start with step (3)

  • Great for back-ne

    Suffering from back acne? Swipe the pad in areas prone to back-ne every single day before going to sleep or right after a workout. You will see a noticeable difference in just a week!

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