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Body Water

a fast-absorbing, lightweight, ultra hydrating body serum

145 mL — 4.90 fl. oz.

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Product summary

Product Highlights
  • Made to target dehydrated skin
  • Lightweight, non-sticky, yet intensely hydrating formula (won't stick to your clothes)
  • Ceramide + Panthenol + Peptide to restore and revitalize skin’s barrier function
  • Instantly removes flakey and dry patches
  • Designed to give you the healthiest and smoothest skin over time
  • Made for every skin types, great for sensitive and irritated skin
Dewy finish
Essential oil-free
Non toxic
Suitable for sensitive skin

Hydration for every body

Lactobacillus Ferment + Camellia Extract

Jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants for healthier skin

Three science-backed powerhouse ingredients

Ceramide + Panthenol + Peptide work together to restore and strengthen damaged skin barrier

Non-sticky, fast absorbing

Use as a light hydrator in the summer, pairs well with Calming Clouds

Drink of water

  • How to use: oily / combination skin

    (1) After a shower, pat dry with a clean towel → (2) Use Calming Clouds on the acne-prone areas → (3) Apply Body Water all over the body 💡 Pro-tip: avoid applying heavy oil-based products especially in the hotter months

  • How to use: dry skin

    (1) After a shower, pat dry only 80% with a clean towel → (2) Apply Body Water all over the body → (3) Wait few seconds until the formula is mostly absorbed → (4) Apply your choice of oil-based thicker lotion / butter / oil to lock in the hydration 💡 Pro-tip: if possible, apply Body Water in the shower or in a steamy bathroom

Pavot Buds 💭

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Virginia beach, VA
Perfect moisturizing solution for my body
I always want to use body lotion because my body, especially my legs, get so dry and flaky! But I am highly sensitive (somewhat allergic) to scented products. But unscented products are often too thick and creamy, leaving residue on my skin sticking to my clothes, so I resort to having flaky skin, only sometimes using lotion if things get so bad. This product, however, is ultra lightweight and yet extremely hydrating! Absorbs into the skin immediately upon application! And it is unscented. Unscented can often mean smells bad but this actually us unscented! :) I personally dont use perfume but i think it would work well for those who do so there arent two scents clashing with one another. Great product!
Skin TypeCombination
Age Group30-39
Body Water
This Product is amazing and i will use it forever
Skin TypeDry
Age Group18-24