Our philosophy is centered around two core ideas—giving our skin only what it needs and minimizing the impact we have on our earth. Together, they push the innovation in our products & sustainability. Welcome to the collective journey that is Monday Born.

– Teni Panosian, Founder
The Unfiltered Skin Set

Frequen-C, Rebirth, Ritual No. 1, Ritual No. 2, Source and The Seven


Transformation Two

Frequen-C + Rebirth


Hydration Heroes

Source + The Seven


The Basics

Ritual No1, Ritual No2, Source and The Seven

The Cleansing Duo

An effective lightweight cleansing oil + A hydrating, gentle cleanser


Ritual No1

A makeup removing, lightweight antioxidant cleansing oil


Ritual No2

A pH-balancing, non-stripping daily cleanser for all skin types


A balm with 20% Vitamin C + 3% Squalane + 1% Vitamin E


The Seven

An ultra hydrating moisturizer with 60% Sea Grape + Ginseng Extracts


A gentle resurfacing serum with 5% Lactic Acid + 10% Niacinamide



A reparative hydrating essence with 79% Centella Asiatica Extract


Gemini Crewneck

Oversized crewneck sweatshirt


“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”