Peelable Nail Polish

Our sold out revolutionary non-toxic, water-based nail polish

A non-toxic, peel-off nail polish0.13 fl. oz. ・ 4 mL (x3)
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Our sold out revolutionary non-toxic, water-based nail polish


It’s really made of water! Unlike traditional nail polish, our non-toxic formula is 60% water-based with no overwhelming chemical scent.

Dries within 2–3 minutes and is less damaging to the nails.

Can be removed by peeling it off like a sticker without using a nail polish remover or cotton pads.


❌ not your average long-lasting nail or gel polish
✅ although there are individual differences, our Peelable Polish is meant to last for 2-4 days
✅ for those who want to match their nails to their outfits on a daily basis!

❌ not your average opaque nail polish (but buildable)
✅ has a gorgeous watercolor-like, sheer, shiny, jellybean finish
✅ allows your skin to breathe and saves your skin from irritation
♻️ sustainably paint, peel, and paint again!

  • Free of: Acetone, Animal-Derived Ingredients, Bisphenol-A, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Formaldehyde Resin, Fragrances, Gluten, Glycol Ether of Series E, Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, Parabens, Phthalates (including DBP), Styrene, Toluene, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP/TPP) and Xylene

Inspired by Elsa's own everyday pleasures

Early testers

so easy to apply! it is lighter than your regular manicure. so put two layers and the color is more visible and i like it a lot! but some may think it's not dark enough. somewhat see thru. i think that makes it easier to apply because the edges don't look messy and you can just quickly apply.
Skin TypeDry
Age Group30-39
san francisco, ca
Truly like an outfit for your nails
Coming from a former nail biter + skin picker, these peelable polishes satisfy my every need. The colors are gorgeous and somehow pair nicely any which way, but my favorite part of these polishes is that they are peelable with little to no damage to the nails. It's the most satisfying peel and I get to change the color based on my outfit, mood, or occasion that day. They don't last long but are perfect pops of color however sheer or opaque you want to get it. And can't forget the fact that it does not smell and requires no acetone, gone are the days where I feel light headed in my room applying and removing my nail polish! Disclaimer: Beaubble team member but honest product tester/user!
Skin TypeCombination
Age Group25-29
Los Angeles, CA
The perfect + easy jelly-sheer mani ✨
I've tried it all – regular polish, gel polish, gel extensions, acrylics, etc.. and I have yet to find a nail routine as unique + simple as these water based polishes! Especially given the pandemic and having to cut back on all of the above, I really lean towards a no-fuss, natural, but still fun & pretty nail routine these days and these are perfect! I love how sheer, jelly, and shiny they look after a few quick coats & I find they are much easier to clean up around the cuticles than most polishes I've used the more I play around with them! disclaimer ~ I work on the Beaubble team but this is my 100% honest take! Excited to keep playing with my polishes and create fun and unique nail looks :)
Skin TypeCombination
Age Group17-24
Los Angeles, CA
Works great over gel/dip/acrylic!
I'll admit, I'm a gel mani addict as I need the additional layer for strength and longevity, so I didn't think I'd use this product (disclaimer: I work on the Beaubble team and love to try all our new products) BUT I CAN HAVE IT ALL! Now, I get a natural/colorless gel or dip mani and I use these for color when I want! It's actually perfect because I can change out the colors to match my outfits but I still have the strength of gel. Win win!
Skin TypeNormal
Age Group30-39
Los Angeles
Biased, but honest review 😆
I am biased as I worked closely with Elsa on developing the formulas. As a new mom, having a clean, non-toxic, gentle nail formula was one of the things Elsa was most passionate about! This is NOT your typical opaque, long-lasting formula. It's a sheer wash of color (think watercolor paints!) that you can throw on like an outfit! It dries within 2 mins and you can change up the colors easily by just peeling it off! It is PERFECT for ppl who like to change up the nail colors based on their outfits instead of keeping the same gel nail for 2 weeks. We were worried about bringing such an innovative formula to the US market, but thank you everyone for the support! We are thrilled to see all the looks you have been creating with our Peel-abe Water Nail Polish!!
Skin TypeCombination
Age Group25-29
Los Angeles, CA