Transformation Two

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Frequen-C + Rebirth


10 g ・ 1 fl. oz.
Product Highlights
  • Our most transformative duo
  • Rebirth features Lactic Acid and Niacinamide to combat texture, fine lines, and redness
  • Frequen-C boasts a whopping 20% stabilized L-ascorbic Acid to combat hyperpigmentation and increase collagen production
  • Use Rebirth up to 3x a week only in the evening, and Frequen-C can be used daily as part of your morning routine
Helps with hyperpigmentation
Dermatologist tested
Suitable for sensitive skin
Use with sunscreen

Product overview

Why Beaubble loves it 👀

The gold standard in Vitamin C

The L-ascorbic Acid in Frequen-C features a highly-stable patent-pending waterless formula.

Baby soft skin

Wake up to smoother, more even texture even after your first time using Rebirth.

Healthy aging over time

Used consistently, Rebirth and Frequen-C both help to boost collagen in skin.