What I am being obsessed thesedays

(Yes, I pricked my finger with a needle when popping a capsule)

I have very dry skin and am in the middle of 30's😂. And busy days from the last year make my skin worse..... So I started looking for the actives which really can help my skin healthy.

One of my friend recommended me to use Vitamin E capsule during my skincare routine.
(The supplement you take everyday!)

Vitamin E is well-known as a powerful antioxidant that removes substances that promote skin aging and helps to delay wrinkles or decrease in skin elasticity. And also it protects the skin from the sun's rays.
Because it has excellent moisturizing ability, it helps to strengthen the skin barrier without losing moisture.

I use one capsule every skincare routine with cream. Since Vitamin E has thickness and is sticky, it is diffiecult to use alone. So I mixed it with my night cream or day cream:) It is a bit cumbersome. However, it is worthful! I feel like my skin has been strengthen and moisturized than before! (I have used this about a month already)

I really want to develop high % of vitamin E product someday. Vitamin E is easy to be oxidized when it is exposed to the air. So I am thinking about its form of the product!!

What active ingredients are you into?


@Teni, I feel like this would be a fun MB product as well ✨
I'm a die hard Rosehip seed oil fan!! But can't wait to try out the little capsule you gave me tonight!