What do you want to know about the cleansing duo??

The cleansing duo is the newest addition to the Monday Born family, and it's also our first official duo! Ritual No1 cleansing oil and Ritual No2 gentle cleanser make up this pair that leaves skin feeling clean, balanced, and hydrated.

But as with any new product, (and here we have two!) there are lots of questions about this dynamic duo. So let's chat!! What do you want to know about Ritual No1 and Ritual No2? Feel free to ask anything from formulation to recommended use... I'll be around all day to chat!

Just for some visual stimulation... Here's a close up of Ritual No1!
And one of Ritual No2 :)


When I wake up I was my face with the oil. After the gym I was again with the oil. And at night I was with both. Would you recommend or should I switch something up?
If im wearing very minimal makeup, realistically how many pumps of both should I be using? LOVE the cleansing duo btw! ☺️
I LOVE using Ritual 1 as my morning cleanse. I have combination skin with black and white heads always built up around my nose, but AM oil cleansing has helped SO MUCH with it
I’m obsessed with all the MB products but haven’t tried the cleansing duo yet. I have a tried and true cleanser that works for my skin that I use at night, but I’m really looking for a good morning cleanser to replace the current one I’m using. If cleansing in the morning, should I still use the duo or just the second step since I’m not removing any makeup?
Hello, Im still not sure which cleanser to buy, I don’t wear makeup as much but I do wear lots of mascara would these cleansers help me to remove mascara as well?