TikTok Dermatologists, Skincare Savants, and Trends to the Rescue πŸ‘Ό

Happy New Year, Sensitive Skin Beaubbies! πŸ₯‚It's Constance checking in to see how you're all doing!
Beaubble has been super active on TikTok and it brought me to wonder -- do you guys have any favorite skincare accounts you recommend that we should follow or trends you've tried out for yourself? πŸ’‹Here are a few that we recommend!
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i should get on it, i haven't gotten myself to really use tiktok yet 😭
i tried cerave products, but not particularly because of tiktok, haha πŸ˜‚
also i've heard that it only works on the later stages of your pimple / inflmmation
I also kinda want to try slugging with vaseline on my cheeks only
Cerave PM moisturizer is A-MAZIN!