What is your biggest skin concern??

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So we asked in the last poll what product you'd want to see from us next. There were some clear front runners, but you know we're all about innovation and impact; we only want to put out what we know will benefit your skin, both short term and long term.

There still isn't a clear winner in my mind just yet, so I figured I'd ask a different question to zero in on where we need to put our product development efforts. If your answer isn't in the poll, just select "see comments!" and leave your explanation in the comments. (You can also make multiple selections!)

I'm eager to get working on our next game changer so your input is, as always, SO appreciated!


Hyperpigmentation and very dry skin
Acne and acne scarring :(
Very dry skin ๐Ÿ˜– and dry lips
Dark Spots
Melasma and dark spots
Redness! Not rosacea or acne though. So annoying, my face is a completely different colour to my body!
Redness and dryness! Your products have helped quite a bit with my redness but as the weather is getting cooler I need something even more rich or like an oil to put over the 7. More dryness also creates more redness for me.
My biggest thing is being super dry. Iโ€™m alway dry skinned and even more so during the winter months.
The Seven is a dream for my skin.
Fine lines and signs of aging.