The future of Monday Born...

I would love to see a Monday Born facial mist that is similar to Source πŸ’¦ something we can take on the go and apply throughout the day. Out of the options above, I’d say a more rich & reparative moisturizer!
Would love a thicker moisturizer
I love all of Monday Born products but I think I would love Monday Born to include SPF, hydrating and nourishing facial mist, and detoxifying facial mask as products. These are my suggestions.
Would love a super intense moisturizer for night. Would love a mineral SPF!!!!!!!
I voted for retinol because I've been afraid to try them, but trust that Monday Born would do everything to try to get it right for all skin types, especially sensitive. I agree with all of the SPF requests. Also throwing out the idea of a hydrating/glowy refresh mist? After doing skincare for the day, a little mid-day boost would be nice, but I don't always want to dip back into my Source and The Seven supply lol. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ€—
I was stuck choosing between retinol and an eye cream! Definitely both!
Who is team mineral SPF vs. chemical? πŸ‘ for team mineral, 😍 for team chemical!
SPF please! I only trust you on this
I’d really like to see something for the dΓ©colletage. I think it’s a part we don’t focus on too much, but it’s very important.