The best beauty products for summer cool-toned queens

If you were a Taylor Swift era, you’d definitely be Lover. 💖

Those whose Personal Color is Summer Cool tend to look best in the sun-washed pastel hues featured on the album’s cover: lilac, baby blue, sea-foam green, butter yellow, and dusty rose.

Not sure if that’s your season though? Summer Cool-toned people tend to have light or grayish-colored eyes, an ash-toned hair color, and cool undertones. They love wearing silver jewelry, bright white T-shirts, and baby pink blush.

If you check off most of those boxes, you’ll love how the beauty products below make your skin look more luminous than ever — no multi-step skin-care routine required!

● Cushion Blush in Cherry Blossom 
● Bakeup Beauty Micro Palm Palette in Pastels
● Trixie Cosmetics Stay the Night Shimmer Topper in Spoiled
● Makeup By Mario MoistureGlow Plumping Lip Serum in Pink Glow 
● Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint in Cool Off Rosy 


The prettiest color pallet! 💗💜🤍
Summer cool colors are also good on me since they are still cool toned 😂 Let me try them all!💙
Honestly, summer cool tone has some of the prettiest color palettes😭
as a baby pink blush lover / certified summer cool-toned person, here are my top pink blushes:
1. Elsa's cushion blush in Cherry Blossom (I went through 3 of these already)
2. Dior's 001 pink (yes, I know there are 5 new colors, but this is still my favorite)
3. Clinique's Ballerina Pop (trust me, you need this soft baby pink/lavender baked blush)
"If you were a Taylor Swift era, you’d definitely be Lover. 💖" > this spoke to me
Even though I have a warm undertone, I'm totally into summer cool colors. My go-to is the Cushion Blush in Cherry Blossom.

Here's the trick: When doing cool-toned makeup, I use a foundation that leans more towards the cooler side. It's a simple way to enjoy cool-toned vibes even with a warm undertone!

Just wanted to share this fun tip with you all. Let's rock those cool colors together!