Texture check in!

As we continue this exciting journey planning our next product, (yay!!) detail-oriented me still has some questions! haha

Every last bit of your experience with Monday Born products is important, so I got to thinking about the consistency and texture of our existing products. How has your experience been with layering our products, feeling comfortable with the products on your face? Any feedback you can share is extremely helpful as we plan all future products and make sure we continue building a cohesive collection that works well together.

Keep in mind that a retinol product would be replacing Rebirth on certain nights of the week; you'll never be using Rebirth + retinol on the same night, it's going to be one or the other! (This is where skin cycling comes in, which I'm SO beyond excited for!!)

Anyway, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and I'll share more updates as they develop!


Your products layer seamlessly without pilling! My only issue is I need one more rich moisturizer or oil on top of the 7 to help my skin with hydration because the 7 isn’t quite heavy enough. I know a retinol product wouldn’t work for this, this is solely for future reference. I’ve been using the source and the seven and then adding an oil and sunscreen on top now that it is getting colder! Would love both the oil (or really rich moisturizer) to come from your brand as well as a sunscreen!
Layering has been easy and comfortable and I’ve never had issues with piling, even when I load on The Seven. This time of year, especially in Alaska, my skin feels tight and dry regardless of what I use. Selfishly, I would love a thicker, almost barrier-like cream to use at night or during the day are needed.

Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!