Say hi to the BB x Ellie Product Testers! 🧪
Hey guys, it’s Ellie! 🤠

We had an insane amount of sign-ups and I’m so excited to announce who will be joining us as product testers for our very first round of BB x Ellie product testing!

• Hadassah Wanyama (@hadassah) from Ware, MA
• Sabeehah Idroos (@itsmoib) from Reseda, CA
• Ashleigh Christy (@ashleighchristy) from Madison, WI
• Carla Dominguez (@moonlitcarla) from Perris, CA
• Kayla Llewellyn (@​​kaylallewellynn) from Malverne, NY
• Lillie Ryann Burke (@Lillburke2001) from Nashville, TN
• Makayla Hsu (@makaylahsu) from Tulalip, WA
• Shabnam Kashani (@shabi) from San Francisco, CA
• Ori Ukaoma (@raine) from Round Rock, TX
• Pauline Her (@paulineher) from Goleta, CA