Ruby red or pretty pink?! Help me decide!

Hi hi! It’s your girl, Avrey!

Look, I told you before, I’m indecisive and sooooo value your opinions. So please weigh in on this one…..

Do you prefer a redish lip shade or a pinkish one?

It’s worth saying, neither will be super high pigment, it will be somewhat subtle. The texture/finish is actually something kinda unique and I’m very excited about it.

Please do me a solid and vote on the poll to let me know which one we should choose! Then leave a comment below with what you chose and why!
Pink is a stunning everyday shade!
pink just because it's more every-day and I would use it more often
Both are so pretty, but I'll always be in the mood for a pretty pink!!
the reddddd it’s such a fun pop of color that can be thinned for an everyday look
I love love LOVE the red one. Absolutely stunning 😍😍
I love the red one because I feel like it can compliment more skin tones! :))
I love the pink!! Very wearable with more looks I think although both are stunning ❤️
Pink color very nice très jolie ;)
Normally i would go with pink, but i’m going with red. A lot of red lip shades r super bold, so i would love to see something more subtle.