Round two: pick your favorite box design!! (photo inside the post)

Option 2! more garden like (i want to try this so bad the design is super cute!)
Option 2 😘
the green box is definitely more eye-catching.
Green box πŸ’š
Love White box + colorful font!!
Green box πŸ’š, red inside ❀️, and a slightly bolder font (like the white box) for the name, please! πŸ’‹πŸ“

And maybe a little strawberry seed pattern on the red interior?

Ps. I like how β€œBerry Freckled Pen” is multi-colored on the white box, too. It’s so playful! Just like freckles, perfect vibe for the pen!

Pps. Instead of Sage green, could you consider a slightly brighter green? Still soft, with just a bit more energy and fun to it? I actually searched Rudi’s feed for an example and her sweater here is the perfect color! Soft with bright energy, perfect Rudi + strawberry + spring color!

Linking her vid for a better look plus I love this look!

Honestly love both lol buuuuut I’d love to see the green have the font color of β€œberry freckle pen” be a maybe darker red? ❀️ because the color seems to blend in a little and get lost in the background color a bit. Or maybe the sea foam sage green color can be a bit lighter so the color of the letters can pop a bit more? βœ¨πŸ‘€
I love the color detail on option 1 the white box. Super cute