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I am a brown mascara lover. I'd love to have something in a chocolate rather than a black brown. Also, one that curls and lengthens. And I'd really love tubing mascara which I know you do, too. My current favorites are the YSL & Two Faced Better Than Sex. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
No flaking or smudging, holds a curl and is nice and thick !
Another idea would to make different undertone shades, and have a mascara tube that has one shade on one end of the tube and the other end has a different shade. One for a natural color look and the other side for a more glam look. And let us customize which shades we would want. Instead of just making one brown shade. Does that make sense?
It would be awesome to have a built in metal lash comb on one end of the mascara tube to help separate lashes
I look for a mascara that holds a curl and lengthens. If it doesn't irritate my eyes that's a bonus! I love a great brown mascara because sometimes I like a more natural look.
What I look for is brown (not black brown), lashes are separated & long, no clumps, holds a curl! I prefer a natural bristle (no weird shapes) but brown mascaras are hard to come by. Basically β€œyour lashes but better”
Oooh! I really hope it’s more of a brown like the YSL lash clash brown mascara and not a black brown. Literally writing this comment as I browse Target for a brown mascara 😭
Tubing mascara has always been my favorite, but I haven’t found a brown tubing mascara that I like, or something fun other than black. I have straight lashes and hooded eyes. I prefer a mascara with a thinner wand that can still help hold a curl and my lashes up. Some wands are too large and messy for my type of eyes. On the bottom lashes I have to use a flat brush, which I would love to stop doing. Please make this a reality 😊
Must hold a curl!! My lashes fall so fast. I also need something that won’t smudge (tubing is perfect) and I prefer something that will really separate and lengthen my lashes πŸ₯°
I love a natural looking mascara that doesn't flake or smudge! I've been enjoying the Merit mascara, especially because of how easy it is to remove (which is part of why I love a tubing mascara). I haven't had luck finding a good brown mascara but I feel like that would complement my fair skin and freckles well!