Ok, stay calm, but I have some questions about a NEW LAUNCH... For a sheer lip color, what nude shade do you prefer?

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This is really exciting for me because it's our first time venturing into color!! It's going to be a sheer tint, one that we'd like to make universally flattering, and most importantly nourishing. I'm talking about a lip product! I have so many questions because I really want to nail a multi-tasking balm that acts as a nourishing mask when you apply a thin layer before bed, as well as a buildable high-shine balm with that sheer tint to add to your look during the day. So expect more questions throughout the week but let's start with these!!


Would you consider launching a clear option as well in case the final shade won’t be flattering to some people? 🥰 i think that’s really safe and universal! ❤️
Warm undertone “my lips but better” color! I have the same issue with nudes washing me out as well or it ends up looking gray 🥲
I prefer a ‘my lips but better’ shade…nudes always wash me out or don’t really do anything for my skin tone.
Can we have both? 😂
Maybe 2 products, 1 pinkish and 1 coffee + cream? 👀