Now, I know the answer to this for our skincare products... But for lips specifically, do you feel the same about fragrance??

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You know we're not about anything toxic or harmful, so no need to worry there. But before we get deeper into development I want to know how you feel about fragrance specifically for a lip mask or balm.

Let me know in the comments, too, what sort of fragrances you like if you do want a light scent. Something like vanilla, caramel... comment below with your fav!


A subtle vanilla scent is so darn good. It enhances the experience for me to have a little scent
I personally prefer no fragrance in my lip products too. Iโ€™ve had a fragranced lip product irritate and trigger an eczema flare up around my lips that I didnโ€™t know was possible ๐Ÿ˜ช
Subtle vanilla or coconut scent can be nice for lip products but otherwise prefer no scent
I love subtle sweet scents like vanilla in my lip masks or balms!
I do not like fragrance in my skincare products, but I'm not gonna lie, I do love a little fragrance in my lip masks / balms!
If a lip product has fragrance I prefer something gourmand-y and never minty, minty things seem to irritate my lips