Meet the BB x Elsa Product Testers 🌸 + "What kind of manicures do you usually get?"
Hello there, it’s Elsa here! 🌸

Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a product tester and to be a part of one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on!

Without further ado, I’m happy to introduce you to the first product testers for BB x Elsa!

💜 Rebecca O’Haeri (@rebeccao0326) from NY
💜 Montana Shaw (@t_marrissa) from CA
💜 Sonia John (@soniajohn2113) from VT
💜 Shawn Owens (@theblondechile) from TX
💜 Kimberly Yang (@kimberlypearl) from CA
💜 Alison Sitwell (@alisonsitwell) from CA
💜 Jillian Lee Gurley (@jgurley) from PA
💜 Audrey Chor (@audreyC) from MA
💜 Katherine Ochoa (@katherineearlene) from NY
💜 Ana Paula Gonzalez (@apvolley12) from CO
💜 Sara Lindberg (@saralindberg) from WA
💜 Cecilia Foss (@cece) from CA
💜 Hannah Rosen (@hannahrosen) from CA
💜 Kazmira Davies (@kazmira) from TN
💜 Elizabeth Hand (@elizabethgracehand) from NY