Maskne, Mascne, Mask Acne 😷 I don't care what to call it, but I care about how to get rid of it!

Happy Monday, Beaubbies! ⭐️
Has anyone else been dealing with random bouts of mascne, maskne, and/or mask-acne?! I don't know what to coin (or spell) the extra acne we’ve suffered from constantly wearing irritating masks that trap bacteria (as if it were not enough 2020) but I've been seeing so many complaints about it online 🦠
I noticed that the No More Mask-ne Masks have helped a bunch (like a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE), but worked even better in tandem with a few things aka pimple patches incognito
But just out of curiosity, how have you guys been getting rid of it?


When will these be available again? Thank you
it had mini needles that penetrate deep into your skin to get the inflammation down
that's the only way to really get rid of maskne :(
that's recommended for your safety as well, but it also helps with not transferring germs to your facial skin 😀
also, just don't touch the face area / mask as much as you can...
ah, rotate your masks, and definitely wash your masks frequently!