Let's test this retinol, shall we?!

Operation MBX is in full swing! If you've received your lab sample of the retinol oil, (cat's out of the bag! I'll elaborate on the delivery system in a minute) there's a printed insert in the package with instructions, but here's a little more detail to improve your experience. Bear with me; this is a little long but it's very important in understanding how this product is meant to work.

You know retinol is such a delicate product category; all I ever see is people talking about how they can't use retinol because their skin can't handle it. So how do we create an effective retinol product at a concentration that's going to make a positive impact on skin, and still make it suitable for those who normally find irritation or sensitivity with retinol? Here's where the formula we're testing comes in: First, it's made with a high concentration of vitamin E. It's widely known to be very beneficial for skin with a high antioxidant content, and it's an effective anti-inflammatory for skin so it'll help to keep your skin calm and soothed. It also prevents moisture from escaping skin, which is a big concern with retinol. (One of the biggest problems reported with retinol is extreme dryness and flakiness.)

To add, retinol is very clearly a product aimed at fighting excessive signs of aging in skin, that's always been its main function in skincare. So we decided if we're going for healthy aging, we're REALLY going for it with the addition of a high vitamin E percentage!

I'll be honest: At first, it took me a minute to get used to the viscosity of this product. Due to such a high concentration of potent vitamin E, it's a thicker oil, (almost feels like raw honey!) therefore it should go on at the end of your skincare routine typically after your moisturizer. The way I use it is I apply Source, then The Seven, then finish with the retinol oil. My experience since using it for the last week is that my skin is glowing like never before, so I'm committed to continuing it even though it's not a texture I'm so used to. User experience is always important to us, but the last thing we want is to release yet another retinol cream that works like every other one out there. If we nail this formula correctly and pass stability, this is going to be huge.

Remember to never use other actives on the same night as the retinol. If it's a Rebirth night for you, skip the retinol! And, as always, please be diligent about your SPF in the daytime.

The printed insert in your package includes clear instructions, but to reiterate, please do not proceed with testing if you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive. Once you perform the patch test on your arm and one part of your face, if all goes well, happy testing! We'll convene over Zoom soon to chat about your feedback.

Can't wait!!


First night using the sample! I applied two pumps and I’m not going to lie, the thickness was a little off putting at first, but it felt really good & almost warming as I was gliding it over my skin. For the most part, it was easy to distribute without tugging. It’s been a few minutes & it feels a little sticky on top of Seven, but my skin has a beautiful glow that isn’t shiny, but dewy and healthy looking. I’m looking forward to seeing how my skin looks & feels in the morning!
I looooooove the texture so far. My skin enjoys oils and THICK creams. The subtle scent is divine! Im very excited to see the results with continued use!
Just passed my patch test. Can’t wait to try it out tonight! 🤍
Hope everyone enjoy the product!😘