Let's go nuts!! Or... should we? Nut oils are very nourishing in a lip treatment, but are we ok with that? Any allergies?

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We're at a point where we're fine-tuning this lip balm-slash-mask formula before we get it out to our MBX for testing. One of the nourishing ingredients we're considering is the nut oil category: pistachio, walnut, and almond, to be specific. But I know nut allergies can be serious so I definitely want to get your thoughts on this first! Not to worry, there are alternative butters that are also very nourishing that we can consider if we decide we don't want to go nuts!


I'd rather use either castor oil or hemp seed oil in a lip product if you don't go towards shea and cocoa butter due to consistency. Now, both oils can be allergens, however most of those who are allergic to (tree) nuts do not have a reaction to hemp seed oil. There are people who are allergic to the cannabis plant itself, but that group is much smaller than the nut allergy one. So my vote goes to hemp seed oil :)
Iโ€™m not allergic but my toddler son is and I kiss him often ๐Ÿค
Sweet almond oil makes me itch whether itโ€™s in my lip products or cuticle oils ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ