Let's get down to the details: What are you looking for in a lip mask or balm?

My favorite texture is the Carmex squeeze tube. That is my go to chapstick/everyday moisturizer. I haven't found another product with similar texture
a product that actually hydrates and sinks deep (vs a product that seems thick/hydrating but just sits on the lips and lips are still dry after).
I'd love a product that is nourishing, but not sticky and thick. A tub application to avoid using fingers. A color that doesn't require makeup... meaning, there are some lip products that are just enough color to where it looks odd when you're not wearing makeup. It looks off balance. I hope that makes sense.
I love the texture and lasting power of the original Bite Agave lip mask before they made the formula vegan. So nourishing and THICK
Malin + Goetz balm is my holy grail…I like a balm to have some weight to it so it stays on my lips. But also not so thick like lanolips is. Laneige is too thin for my liking. Also no more pots, squeeze tube please!
No taste of Vaseline. Some lip balms leave a weird taste in your mouth.

Something I don’t have to stick my fingers in and easy to travel with.