I’m launching my own skincare X makeup hybrid line called Kloud Face! πŸ€—

Ilia’s New tinted spf serum, and Em Cosmetics Color Drop Serum Blush 😍
*cant wait to try kloud face Products!!
I love the brand nudestix So much because the products are multi use, easy to use and blend, look glowy and natural, and the products are formulated in Korea. I love that they have great skincare benefits in their makeup!! Can’t wait to try
I'm always looking for hydration! My skin is naturally very dry no matter what season it is. I'm always wanting my skincare and makeup to make my skin plump, bouncy, and dewy. I've tried more highlighters than I can count to give me that glow but I've yet to find a holy grail
this sounds amazing! i love K-beauty! and i think its so cool that its hybrid considering im from a "hybrid" family, my mom adopted me at 7, she is from seoul korea so I have always been up to date on K-beauty and have introduced it to pretty much everyone where I am from, I have just recently started a youtube channel and this sounds like the perfect thing to review on my channel i cant wait for the release! this could be a huge breakthrough for makeup to evolve! as for me i have been searching for the best and brightest neon shadows liner and multi-sticks, it is a rare find to find anything with super bright pigment that is not patchy, but I sometimes come across some gems, so id love to see some really vibrant colors in your line
i love skincare and makeup in one! im in love with the dewy/glass skin look. my favorite product is the em cosmetics serum blushes πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€οΈ
Can't wait! I have tried hybrid like glossier. I recently have been introduced to k beauty 😍 I am a true believer! I never really did skincare more than washing my face, until I broke out with acne in my early 20s. 2006ish and there wasn't anything like now. So excited to see what you create. Love your story and will be proud to support you in your jorney
Congrats!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ₯³ I can't wait!! I'm so proud of you love!!
Make up that can actually lessen redness would be great instead of just covering it up as well as dark circles and puffiness. Add on an spf in there too for uv protection πŸ™Œ
Congrats Karen!! So excited to try it out 😍