I need YOU! Come join my team of product testers!

I created Lagoon, my very first product line, to be the reliable, hydration-focused, sensitive skin-safe body care brand we’ve all been searching for! After all…. we all need a little more GLOW in our lives! But these products wouldn’t be just right without your help, so I hope you will join me in the creation process to make something we can all love together.

I’m looking for testers to try out products during our development phase. I want your opinion and expertise, so I hope you will sign up to join my Beaubble community! Over the next few weeks, we will be sending out samples to our testers and collecting feedback via zoom calls and group chats. If you'd like to join my small group of incredible testers, here’s what you need to do:

*Fill out the survey (see link at the end of this post) by 4PM PT, Friday March 18th, 2022
*Leave a comment below about what products and product attributes you want to see.

Even if you’re not chosen to test the samples with me, don’t worry, there will be so many other opportunities to get involved, such as commenting and voting here about what ingredients and products make you feel the best, and even helping decide the final packaging for Lagoon.
TESTER SUBMISSIONS HERE: https://forms.gle/TU6ZMQqadvaNRyN96


I’m probably late, but I’d love to. My skin can be easily at times but once moisturized, it’ll look revived. I have hyperpigmentation and dark spots around my eye as well.
i’d love to be a tester! i’m struggling to find something to help with my sensitive skin and flare ups and lastly my acne scars!
I would love to be a tester! I’ve always had a hard time feeling beautiful in my own skin and I think I found my calling!
Hi I would love to be a product tester! I’m looking for something to help with my dark spots and acne.
Would love to be a tester, I always have trouble finding products for my sensitive skin especially with eczema
Would love to join your team of testing your products you sound amazing and inspiring and I would love to give it ago
Would love to be a product tester ! Instagram jayduh.d
(Applied to be a tester.)
I look for products that are sensitive-skin safe first and foremost. Which can be tough because I really love body scrubs, washes, etc. Some of those can be too strong for my skin. Loveeee products with a high enough SPF for melanated skin and a body butter is my go-to for locking in moisture.
Hey looking for something that address my dry skin and get rid of my dark spots And moisturizer my skin at the same time
Hey, looking for something that addresses my oily skin but doesnt keep other parts of me so dry. I am open to scents that do not irritate my face and leaves me with bumps.