I need YOU! Come join my team of product testers!

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It would be amazing to be a tester. I have a difficult time finding body care that I like
I’m probably late, but I’d love to. My skin can be easily at times but once moisturized, it’ll look revived. I have hyperpigmentation and dark spots around my eye as well.
i’d love to be a tester! i’m struggling to find something to help with my sensitive skin and flare ups and lastly my acne scars!
I would love to be a tester! I’ve always had a hard time feeling beautiful in my own skin and I think I found my calling!
Hi I would love to be a product tester! I’m looking for something to help with my dark spots and acne.
Would love to be a tester, I always have trouble finding products for my sensitive skin especially with eczema
Would love to join your team of testing your products you sound amazing and inspiring and I would love to give it ago
Would love to be a product tester ! Instagram jayduh.d
(Applied to be a tester.)
I look for products that are sensitive-skin safe first and foremost. Which can be tough because I really love body scrubs, washes, etc. Some of those can be too strong for my skin. Loveeee products with a high enough SPF for melanated skin and a body butter is my go-to for locking in moisture.