How our Berry Freckled Pen came to be!

Hi Berry Patch! πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ€ 

I'm SO happy and excited that the Berry Freckled Pen has finally launched on beaubble! πŸŽ‰ I've gotten so much feedback on the shape of the applicator and how unique it is, so I wanted to share how this product packaging came to life!

Back in 2022, the beaubble team and I were on a mission to find the perfect way to create the most natural looking faux freckles on the market. We explored A LOT of options, from overnight freckles to pens, to eyeliners, you name it! None of them really were exactly what we were looking for...

The brush type – You've probably seen this one around. It's the go-to for freckle pens, but personally I find the tip was a bit too small and thin. Instead of achieving natural looking freckles, it felt more like dots and long lines.

The felt-tip pen – Another close contender, but the tiny tip kept giving us longer lines than we wanted. Not quite what we were aiming for!

The marker pen – This one drew angular freckles, and we had to rule it out of the running.

After A LOT of experimenting, we found the perfect ball tip applicator that gave me the exact look I was always trying to achieve: perfectly imperfect, round, natural looking sun-kissed freckles.

I hope you'll give the BFP a chance and live your freckled fantasy! Have more questions or want to share your freckled stories? Drop them in the comments below! πŸ“

xx Rudi


I am in love with it! The freckles look so natural.
Yesssss! It's the most effective applicator I've seen!πŸ’™
Easiest applicator to draw on the most natural freckle shapes!!
This ball tip applicator is absolutely amazing at creating the most perfect freckles! It's seriously the best!😘