How my Korean eyelash extensions look like!

One of my recent addictions is getting my eyelash extensions. I got them for the first time back in December last year, and now I can't live without them.

My best friend has been getting these lash extensions for years and finally, she convinced me to get one for myself.

I'm completely obsessed with how much volume it gives to my lashes and how instantly it makes me look awakened. They're super light and not too voluminous which works perfectly for my eyes.

It cost me around USD 35 and usually lasts around 4~5 weeks. My lashes in the photo are from 3 weeks ago and they're still looking pretty good (though my eyes kinda look scary in the photo lol)!

Have you guys tried getting eyelash extensions? How much do they cost in your area? I'd love to know more!


Looks perfect! even though I only do lash curling, hehe๐Ÿคฃ