How do you feel about retinoids?

Curious how tiger grass and/or arnica would do in a retinoid formula. My sensitive/oily acne prone skin responded really well to them in a soothing/hydrating serum. Not sure what the combination with retinol would be like but a hydrating consistency would be nice!
Love retinol! Currently, I’m using Skinbetter’s Intensive AlphaRet.

Pros: great texture, doesn’t cause irritation/flaking, no adjustment period, and great packaging (dispenses the perfect amount every time. All you need is one pump!)

Cons: very expensive

Would like a similar creamy texture and with a better price point.
I love my new Retinol-it has completely changed my skin (helping with fine line, acne, totally has removed all my melasma). But, I have used tretinol in the past, which did help with acne and brighten my skin, but made me so red, dry and sensitive. I want something powerful without burning my skin.
I would try a retinol with a creamy, more hydrating consistency. Something encapsulated maybe? I’ve tried lots, all over the spectrum and nothing stuck out enough for me to continue using past the first tube. Ideally, I want something to help with signs of aging without the flaky side effects.