Help me decide on packaging! 🎁

Hey guys, it’s Ellie again! πŸ’™

We’ve been going back and forth with different package designs and now I need your help figuring out which one we should go with!

Vote on the poll to let me know which one we should choose! Leave a comment with what you chose and why you chose it too!

Another poll is coming soon :) Hint: πŸ‘ƒπŸ‘ƒπŸ‘ƒ

xx Ellie
B ofc !!
Option A is such a statement packaging and gives off beautiful vibes
Option B because the font is viewable but is more slick and modern ! πŸ’“
I chose option A personally because I like to know who the creator of the product is, and quite honestly whoever is working with the brand might influence me to purchase a product more so than others. make that name big and proud sister !
I love A! Make a statement with that bold logo πŸ’—
Option B is so pretty and looks clean and cute!!!
Option A!! I love the bold look and making a statement for your products is so important ❀️ So excited for you Ellie!!
I love option b because you can see the logo well but it’s not in your face and lets the product color shine through
This is so exciting! Deffo love option A the most!!