Have you heard of skin cycling?

So I didn't know this actually had an official name, because naturally I've been alternating my exfoliants and retinoids on a schedule that allows my skin to get proper breaks and maintain a strong, healthy barrier. But I'm so glad the concept of 'skin cycling' is gaining traction because over exfoliating is something I consider a common issue in the way we conduct our skincare routine.

Here's how I've been doing it recently, and I'm always adjusting based on what products are on rotation: Currently I have Rebirth going on twice a week, Naturium's new Retinaldehyde serum once a week, and Sireni Beauty's Overnight Overhaul mask once a week. The overnight mask is more gentle (bakuchiol and DHA) so I feel comfortable making this my 4th "active" night of the week when I'd typically only have three. But between each active night I always leave one "off" night where I'm only using Source and The Seven.

Are you skin cycling? If so, drop your routine in the comments!

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