Glass Skin: My tips for a glowing complexion!

I love this beaubble so much Karen! It's daunting to know that it take up to 2-3 weeks until the results kick in, but I'm willing to try it after seeing your skin 😍🙏
i was not nice for those 2 weeks btw 😂 sorry boyfriend
also i spy umo in the photo 🙈
all of ^ I know, but can never follow 😭... how do you keep motivated??
Let’s start a discussion, leaving tips for everyone to learn from 🤗
I’d love to learn any and all of your techniques, skincare related or lifestyle related that you love doing.
What are some tips that you guys have for getting a glass skin look?
But with a little bit of determination, some shifts in lifestyle choices and array of hydrators, I believe you can get the glass skin you’ve always dreamed of.