Freckle 101: Your guide on testing the lab sample

Loving this product so far. I have natural freckles on my nose that always end up covered up with makeup, so this pen was a fantastic way to bring them out and give them a bit of a pop.

I love that with the copy-paste method, you can make them light, but you can also use it for little beauty marks in fun places as well. The longevity on this is great and last all day which is quite the test because I am an oily girl that wears dewy makeup, so when products last, I am in love. Because of the long-lasting wear, I decided to try it as an eyeliner (I know, not the point), but I have to tell you it lasted and did not move, so there was a double purpose for me, and I loved it.

It took me a moment to get the application right, but once I did, it was super easy. 😍
When I opened the pen for the first time I was like oh my gosh this is genius having a round tip! I love it!! So I first tried it when I wasn’t wearing makeup and it looked very natural but I have pretty large pores so I felt like it was accentuating that (nothing to do with the product, just my skin😂) but then I tried yesterday after applying my makeup and powder where my skin was more matte beforehand and blurred and I absolutely loved how they looked! I did the copy paste method and then added in a few where I just left them. Love it!!
LOVING this freckle pen, Rudi & Beaubble!

Literally let out an aww 🥹🥹 when I opened the package and saw it’s an actual pen 🖊️…that’s just so perfect.

Wore today over minimal skincare (busy Mom here 🙋🏻‍♀️) and it wore beautifully and so naturally— 8+ hours of wear later and no smudging, no transfer, no movement, no color change… just a slight, gradual fading. *chef’s kiss*

Only initial feedback is I would love to see how the tip of the pen would perform with a little more tension/stiffness to it, because I was applying it half-focused while my toddler needed me and my dog needed me and I noticed I made a few more “dashes” than I intended. They still looked great, blended right in to my natural freckles (and let’s be honest— my lingering pregnancy melasma 🫣🤣.)

Besides that, I can’t wait to have this with me everywhere— one on the vanity, one in the bag, one in the car. Idk what it is about me and freckles but I just love how they pull together the face, add interest, make everything cuter and more casual but in a polished way.

SO looking forward to meeting you, Rudi, Beaubble girls, and the rest of the group!!

Picture for reference…applied more freckles, imperfectly, after wearing them all day, right over the earlier ones, added a lip but other than that no makeup, did the copy n paste method (love that method). No filter, don’t mind the imperfections or rbf…I swear I’m elated here! 😂🤣😘😘
I have really enjoyed this product! I have a fair complexion and the color is perfect for me. It can look darker if you don’t “copy & paste” them. My fiancé said “something looks different” but couldn’t figure it out. I love that they’re natural enough to look real, but make enough of an impact to add something fun to your look. 😊
played around with it slightly today, and i am so intrigued by it!! i noticed the formula itself is more wet and inkier than other pens/freck products i’ve tried, which is an interesting route to take. i’m a tanner complexion, and so far, i’m thinking it’s kind of blending into my skin so i’m planning to retry it again tomorrow more purposefully (maybe without copy and pasting?) so i can truly see if that’s the case. but so far those are my initial thoughts 🫶🏼
So cool! This makes me want to try creating freckles on my makeup😆 So excited for the new product!
After using Rudi's copy and paste method!! I have fair skin so Rudi's method helped a ton!
here is me not using the copy and paste method. super pimented, doesnt' look as natural!
Very useful tips! I can't wait to see the NEW product!!!🤩