Everything you need to know before testing our mascara


After testing it out I think it was normal to remove. Not super easy but not difficult. It was very lengthening and did not clump. It does need time to dry because when I touched it was wet, but application easy. It doesn't keep my lashes up all day but that's normal for me since this is not waterproof.

I loved how lengthening and volumizing it was, but it was so hard to remove T_T i had to grip my lashes n take the oil cleanser andrub my lashes. the good thing though is that it didn't flake after 9 hours in it + accidently sleeping in the residue i couldnt get off from trying to cleanse it after a tired day of work
Soo excited to try! Just received my mascara in the mail🤍
Looking forward to getting testers' feedback!😍
Welcoming our Sala community
Super excited for this mascara!!😆
It is our first Mascara at Beaubble!!! I am so excited and can't wait the meeting!!!!!😍