Come join my team of product testers!

I’m looking forward to a brow product because your brows are always on point so it would be amazing to have something that makes my brows look amazing! Also, a long lasting lip gloss 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
you should make a bronzer that won’t look orange on light skin 💗 (and obviously a range for other skin tones) because it’s so hard to find a bronzer that looks flattering on pale skin :(
As a girl with thick natural eyebrows and has yet to find a product that truly keeps them in place- I trust you to create that product hahaha
Would love to see a lip stain or gloss that is hydrating, doesn’t rub off easily, and isn’t sticky. A natural looking blush that blends well + a lip scrub would be cool too!
would love to see some sustainable packaging 🌿 + dewy fae like highlighter in different colors like purple
i would love to see some small like five pan colorful eyeshadow palettes for those wanting to experiment with their creativity!!
this is a bit more regarding packaging but as another comment mentioned, you have an opportunity to stand out through packaging, not just the products themselves. for example, a very feminine, dreamy, vintage and romantic image is very fitting for you, so brands like Tocca might serve as some good packaging inspo; this may be an opportunity to stray away from the overused modern look that we all are used to and make your brand more unique/personal.
id love to see magical glosses. Like some with glitter and some cool shades. And I’d love skincare products that will leave the skin looking dewy all day 😌