Come join my team of product testers!

Anyone want to help me test some fancy new beauty products?

Feedback from my community has always been something i've valued, almost a little bit too much. i love having your opinions since i am the most indecisive person on the planet, i need help!

During the last couple months, the Beaubble team and i have been developing some beauty products that i have felt like were missing from my personal beauty routine, and products that i think anyone who's into makeup and skincare will absolutely LOVE. Over the next few weeks, i will be sending lab samples of NEW beauty products (that have been in the works for MONTHS) to some of you so we can test them, talk through our thoughts, hangout together, discuss pros and cons of the products on a personal Zoom call! All these products are vegan and cruelty free, and i will tell you so much more about them when we chat!

If you want to be in on all the action, here's how you can come hang with me:

*Fill out the survey at the end of this post by 11.59PM PT, Jan 23rd 2022
*Leave a comment below about what products and product attributes you want to see.

Even if you’re not chosen to test the samples, don’t worry, because there are so many other opportunities to get involved, such as commenting and voting here about what shades and products make you feel the best, and even helping decide the final packaging of my beauty products. Everyone is welcome to join!

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<3 AVE