Brown Tubing Mascara 101: what you need to know before testing

Hello Berry Patchers, I'm so excited to get to work on our brown tubing mascara launch! πŸ“πŸ€Ž Our 15 product testers have officially been chosen and samples have been sent out. In preparation for our first meeting, here is my official Tubing Mascara 101 on how to use the new mascara and give the most comprehensive feedback.

- Please apply the BTM (name until we finalize) multiple times before we meet via Zoom.
- Please wear the mascara for 8+ hours for at least one day.
- Please wear the mascara over powdered under-eyes and over just concealer (depending on your makeup routine).
- Try the mascara on with and without using a lash curler and notice if it makes a difference immediately and over time.
- Please remove the mascara by dousing your face and lashes in warm water for 5+ seconds. Then gently pull down on the lashes to remove the tubes.
- Compare the BTM to other brown mascaras in your collection. Is it too warm? Too cool toned? Is the brown too deep? How is the color showing up on your lashes? Does the brown color bring out your eye color?
- How do you feel about the shape of the wand while applying the mascara? Does it glide through your lashes effortless? Does it get on your skin while applying? Do you prefer a specific shape of your mascara wand?
- Does the formula feel too heavy? Too thin?
- Does the BTM hold up after multiple hours? Did it smudge?
- Was this tubing formula easy to remove? Did you have a hard time getting the tubes off? Did your skincare routine get affected positively or negatively by this method?

All in all, I trust you to try the BTM in ways that feel natural to you! Feel free to take notes to bring to sessions. I am so excited to learn from all of you and create the perfect brown tubing mascara to share with the world.

love u. mean it.


I actually am so in love with it
I can't wait to see it!!!🀩
I’ve only tried one other brown mascara so I am really excited to try! I have hazel eyes and I just know it’s going to compliment my eyes well. 🀭Will the BTM be waterproof?
Been wearing it non-stop for the past week. It's really THAT good.