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8/18/2020, 7:09:23 PM

Dr. Nikka Kanani

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In honor of the new second launch, I wanted to share some benefits of Cica (also called Centella Asiatica). I remember first first learning about this herb in my botanical medicine lab in Naturopathic school and was fascinated by all of its amazing benefits, especially those for the skin! I included some below.
▫️speeds up collagen production
▫️increases production of new blood vessels which helps to heal the skin
▫️helps to balance skin consistency and oil production
▫️acts as an anti-oxidant
Sounds pretty magical right ? ✨
Have you tried Cica yet?

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My only experience with it has been while using this sample. So far I love it!! Interested to learn more about how the increased production of blood vessel helps to heal our skin?

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Thanks for the info on this pretty cool herb 🌿. I haven’t experimented much with it but I know a lot of K-Beauty products like to incorporate it into their ingredient list. I’m even more excited now to pair the essence with Rebirth and have super bouncy, glowy healthy skin!! ✨

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Centella asiatica is my favorite ingredients in skincare, ever!!
It is the only ingredients that really helped calm my skin from inflammation (:
Silvea Le-P

NaN years ago

found out about Birch Juice bc of Rebirth and I"m here for centella asiatica 🙌
there is something so special about korean skincare

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