Beaubble& Rudi is HERE, and I need the Berry Patch to help make this launch perfect!

So sad that I missed out on being able to product test, but as a long time berry patch member I'm so so so excited about this product launch!! Yayyy Rudi!!
Thank you so much for all comments!!:) They were super helpful to develop our freckle pen👍
I’ve been following Rudi for a while on IG/YouTube and got so excited when she shared about her freckle pen! I just signed up for Beaubble to try Elsa’s lip contour wand that Rudi posted about and now can’t wait for this launch. I’m sad that I missed the sign up to be a product tester but can’t wait to try this product! My dream freckle pen would be long-lasting, waterproof, natural yet buildable results and easy to work with. A good shade range would be amazing as well!
I have been a long time Rudi follower on TikTok, and when she announced (literally 3 minutes ago) that she was launching a freckle pen with Beaubble I dropped everything to run to this site and sign up. As a redhead, I have been using and looking for freckle pens in the beauty community, and have been less than thrilled with the lack of shade range for us ginger gals. I would love to see something in the lighter range! I have natural freckles but they're sadly faded and I would love to bring some of that youthful feeling back to my cheeks! :D Thanks, Beaubble!
I have natural freckles but I struggle to find a freckle product that I like. Most of my freckles get covered by my foundation or skin tint. I would enjoy a product that doesn’t wear off so easily. The shade of the pen can’t be like a dark brown— it just screams fake. A lighter warm brown would work best.
my dream freckle pen has to be easy, sheer-buildable, a small applicator, work over and under powder, a beautiful shade of a natural warm brown and also look effortless! i work as a makeup artist and i always get requests for freckles and also love to bring them back after completion products!
Easy to use!! I don’t have much experience but love the look of fake freckles and would love to support a product you make 🫶🏼
Ideally a sheer, buildable product. Comes in a variety of finishes (light tan, caramel for fair gals like me to dark espresso and cool black brown for our rich complexioned babes)
⚡️Natural Finish & Color
⚡️Beginner Friendly
⚡️Blends Easily
⚡️Works with Bare Skin, Liquid, Cream & or Powder Makeup
⚡️Long Lasting (Sweatproof & Lasts in Humidity - Summer in SC is no joke 🥵😂)
🍓❤️ Can’t wait to try!!❤️🍓
A natural finish! A lot of of the ones i’ve tried make too big of freckles (ie the applicator isn’t fine enough or doesn’t allow for enough control of size) so they look very obviously fake and then i’m have to try to diffuse them with powder to make them look natural. Also all the ones i’ve tried ONLY work if used over power and I don’t love putting powder on my nose bc my skin is already very dry. I want it to be not too quick drying so I can’t stamp them out easily and not too warm toned like I feel like a lot are.