August 2023 concealer showdown πŸ₯Š

love it all!
Glossier stretch balm concealer
Hi Rudi! This is amazing πŸ™Œ I love a graph. Can you add the Best Skin Ever concealer from Sephora as well?
This is genius! So informative, saving for my future Sephora/Ulta trips πŸ˜…
MAKE Beauty concealer, please. Thank you!
I am not a huge fan of the concealers, but I think it is time to buy a new one!!! haha I will keep my eyes on your commentsπŸ‘€
Love it! I was really curious about the newly launched Tower28 concealer personally, but comparing like this is even more helpful!
Also, question, I tried the Kosas (one of my favorites) and thought it wasn't superduper high coverage (more like a medium/high for me!), would you say Mario has higher coverage than Kosas?
@Rudi, thank you for this πŸ“ I'd love to see Nars and Rare Beauty concealers in the comparison chart as well!