Are you also struggling with sensitive skin?🥺

Does every sunscreen you’ve ever tried break you out? Are you sensitive to fragrance in skincare? Is shopping in the “clean beauty” section meaningless to your reactive skin?

Well, we are all in this together!

Our Sensitive Skin Community is here for everyone and anyone who struggles with sensitive skin. We’d love to learn about your holy grail products, skincare methods that have worked for you, or helpful articles on sensitive skin you’ve read online!

We are also here for you if you just to vent about a rough skin week you’ve had--come join the SSS family.

Hello everyone, this is HeeKyeong 👋 one of the co-founders of Beaubble.

I’ve always struggled with extremely sensitive skin, and it is the reason why I first got into beauty. Not because I had an undying love for eye looks, but because I had to find ways to calm my forever angry skin.

A decade later, I’ve realized nothing has helped me get through it all more than talking to my anonymous online friends who really understood me. We are here to be your loving, die-hard best friends. See you out there!

With love,

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